The fact that they're one-of-a-kind

Do you know what a Stradivarius violin and a HEMA screw have in common?

In more ways than you might think! It’s obvious that we don’t make mass-produced goods. HEMA even offers genuine unique solutions to meet specific requirements. We manufacture screws, extruded parts and bolts as individual custom-made products for an extremely wide range of areas. For example: 

  • Flooring: Screws with a round head for invisible fixing in flooring cover strips 
  • Cars: For securely fixing the ESP module in the engine compartment
  • Car seats: Asymmetric and complex parts for seat adjustment 
  • Window construction: Various interlock bolts
  • Dishwashers: For connecting the rollers in the basket 
  • Various safety pins in the machine construction, aerospace and rail vehicle industries
  • A three-in-one solution: On convertible hoods in the likes of the New Beetle or the Audi A4 Cabriolet
  • Everyday work: Interlock bolts for fixing ladders

What makes our products so unique? The fact that (almost) nothing is possible without them in a multitude of areas! HEMA – the go-to company for perfect fastening technology.