That we don’t manufacture mass products – sure. For certain applications we provide unique specimens at HEMA. We produce screws, extruded parts and bolts as custom-made parts for a variety of applications, e.g.

for floors

screws with round head for the invisible fixing of cover strips

screws with round head for the invisible fixing of cover strips

for cars

for a safe fastening of the ESP-module in the engine compartment

for car seats

asymmetric and complex parts for seat adjustment

for window construction

different locking bolts

for dishwashers

to connect the rollers of the basket

different locking pins

different locking pins for machine building, aerospace, railway vehicles

1 out of 3

for convertible tops, e.g. of the New Beetle or the Audi A4

for daily routines

locking pins to secure ladders


Reliable, faithful and easy-going –
desirable in many respects.

Our hexagon socket screw is considered to be a classic, not only in tool-making and machine building but in many other applications. And not without reason. A high torque is as easily achieved as trouble-free screwing in - even if the environment is difficult to access.

And better still: It even looks nice. The hexagon socket screw by HEMA always cuts a good figure. You can rely on it.


Run-of-the-mill solutions – not with HEMA

We never think according to the book but always with the customer’s wish in mind: It’s our starting point for the development, with a production cycle as flexible as the design of our screws.

Step 1 doesn’t always have to be followed by step 2…but only if it makes sense for our customers. And why not skip processes, we don’t allow the steel time to reflect.


In the restaurant, in church, during the sports cast …
There are moments when noise annoys.

Some technical systems such as high-rack facilities or lifts need to avoid noise as well.

This is why our parts have to be capable of more than just fixing things. Due to the cold-forming process at HEMA our extruded parts run more smoothly than conventional wound and welded screws. And that’s what you hear (or rather, don’t). 


HEMA quality is not a coincidence – as our production process shows. The choice of a suitable material is followed by PC-simulation and the stage to optimize implementation by means of finite elements (CAD). And then it’s getting serious …

In our own tool shop a large variety of screws and bolts are made. And to make sure that only the best products leave our company the parts (all of them!) always undergo an elaborate quality test during the stages of the forming process at HEMA.

After that, our screws, extruded parts and bolts are prepared for their later tasks by surface treatment and finishing. Even our C-parts deserve a triple A rating.


Screws and bolts are more to us than merely tool steel.

At HEMA we generate values. And they need not only be functional but sometimes meet highest aesthetic requirements. This is why each screw matters to us, and we treat them accordingly.

We consider surface finishing as true refinement, and even simple screws deserve care – which they receive at HEMA.


You can’t make something out of nothing.
The worse the carpenter, the more the chips.

Both is true for HEMA. Unlike turning machines, for example, our cold-forming technology does not make chips.

Our environmental audit proves that we at HEMA save resources. This is heart-warming, not just for nature lovers. The energy released during cold-forming heats all of our operation. Sounds sensible? We think so, too.


What makes our screw plugs so special?

That there’s nothing that can’t be done. No matter if short or long, with or without disc, hexagonal or hexalobular …

No limits are imposed on our customers‘ needs. This is why we almost consider our operation a manufactory. There is just one single area which is standardized: our quality.


Our gold-plated hexalobular socket screws stand for premium sound-quality in the high-end audio segment

The cold-formed and torx-shaped driving recess provides for highest tightening torques. And the gold alloy combines superb conductivity with elegant design.

Mega sound needs mega screws – available at HEMA. 

Screw plugs

Extruded parts

Clamping screws

Threaded parts

Our six(edge)pack!

Reliable, faithful and easy-going – desirable in many respects.

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Think backward, move forward

Run-of-the-mill solutions – not with HEMA.

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You can’t make something out of nothing. The worse the carpenter, the more the chips.

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